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Heia thirsty traveller, thanks for stopping by Tomos Watkin. We're going to take a wild guess here but we're thinking you're on the search for some great quality Welsh beers.

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They don't call our beers the 'Great Ales of Wales' for nothing now do they?! If our gallery of award wins and decades of positive reviews aren't enough to convince you, we recommend heading over to the shop section and getting some beers in. If you sign up to our newsletter, you can get 10% off you first order.

Want to learn more about Tomos Watkin?

Turns out 1996 was a monumental year, Nintendo 64s were released and Charles and Diana got divorced. More importantly though, Tomos Watkin was created. Now, our brewery may have changed hands a couple of times over the years, but we're proudly family owned. Our latest owners, the Drummonds, took over in August 2023 and they've been excited to relaunch our beers ever since.

Our new owners are passionate about preserving Tomos Watkin's rich brewing history whilst modernising certain aspects to ensure our beers are enjoyed by even more thirsty fans.

You'll recognise some firm fan favourites amongst the range such as Cwrw Haf, Blodwen, and Magic Lagyr. We're really excited to introduce you to some new Welsh legends though, Dragon's Keep and Miner's Pride.

Over the next few days and weeks, we will introduce you to each beer in the Tomos Watkin range. Fun fact, all of our beers are now vegan friendly, how awesome is that? 

Get in touch and let us know which Tomos Watkin beer is your new favourite.

Iechyd da!