Introducing Cwrw Haf

Heia, we're excited to reintroduce a Tomos Watkin classic, beer 2/5 of our lineup...Cwrw Haf☀️

A classic revisited...

If you've tried a Tomos Watkin beer in the past, then you've most likely tried Cwrw Haf at some point or another. A longstanding bestseller, we knew we had to include this classic in our new lineup.

You'll notice that we've given Cwrw Haf a fresh look and refreshed the recipe, staying true to its roots and popular flavour profile whilst always looking to improve! 

Tell me more about Cwrw Haf!

Welsh summers are far too short and not all that reliable, so we captured summer and put it in a bottle for all to enjoy year-round.

Cwrw Haf is a premium summer ale, expertly brewed to produce a refreshing ale reminiscent of relaxing summer evenings by the Welsh coast. Enjoy notes of citrus fruits and sweet malts.

We expertly brew Cwrw Haf to a sessionable 4.2% ABV and bottle it into our iconic embossed Tomos Watkin 500ml bottles. 

Where can I buy Cwrw Haf?

You're in safe hands here, just pop on over to the 'Shop' section of our website and grab yourself a 12-Pack of Cwrw Haf.

If you're a trade account looking to stock a Welsh beer with real history and proven track record, get in touch via

Iechyd da!