Introducing Magic Lagyr

Heia, we're excited to reintroduce beer 1/5 of our new line-up, our very own Welsh lager, Magic Lagyr!


The inspiration behind an iconic Welsh Lager...

We have always known that our customers love a good quality local lager, so we knew we had to breathe new life into an old fan favourite, Magic Lagyr.

"Lager is the world's most popular beer style and our customers keep requesting a top quality Welsh lager, it was a no brainer really!"

"Lagers are simple yet complex, you really need the very best ingredients, and where better to begin than with Welsh water?!"
- Sarah Drummond, Owner

You might be asking yourself...So what even is a Welsh lager?
We believe that a great Welsh lager is brewed in Wales with Welsh water, and the passion of the Cymry.


Tell me more about Magic Lagyr!

Inspired by the magical tales of dragons and wizards that roar through the wild Welsh valleys, this Welsh lager is a spellbinding brew crafted with just a touch of magic.

Magic Lagyr is a premium, continental style Welsh lager that is expertly brewed with the finest malts and hops and lagered on our signature house yeast.

We expertly brew Magic to a sessionable 4.5% ABV and bottle it into our iconic embossed Tomos Watkin 500ml bottles. 


Where can I buy this Welsh lager?

You're in safe hands here, just pop on over to the 'Shop' section of our website and grab yourself a 12-Pack of Magic Lagyr.

If you're a trade account looking to stock a Welsh lager that has clearly been brewed with a touch of magic, get in touch via

Iechyd da!