Welsh Ale Mixed Pack

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  • £25.00

A mixed 12-Pack of our premium Welsh ales. Box includes:

3 x Cwrw Haf (4.2% ABV)

Cwrw Haf is a premium summer ale, expertly brewed to produce a refreshing ale reminiscent of relaxing summer evenings by the Welsh coast. Enjoy notes of citrus fruits and sweet malts.

3 x Dragon's Keep IPA (5% ABV)

Dragon's Keep is a premium IPA, brewed in Wales with an expertly crafted blend of US hops. Enjoy flavours of tropical fruits with just a bit of bite.

3 x Blodwen (5% ABV)

Blodwen is a premium blonde beer. Brewed with pale malts and a bounty of hops, it sure is an easy drinking classic. Enjoy flavours of citrus, pine, and tropical fruits.

3 x Miner's Pride (4.5% ABV)

Miner's Pride is a premium Welsh stout brewed with a decadent blend of roasted dark malts. Enjoy flavours of espresso, caramel, and dark chocolate.


500ml bottle | Vegan friendly