Introducing Blodwen

Heia, we're excited to reintroduce beer 4/5 of our new line-up, a well known classic, Blodwen!


The inspiration behind reviving a Welsh classic...

Let's be honest, there is no Tomos Watkin without Blodwen. A long time best seller, Blodwen has captured the hearts of many Tomos Watkin drinkers over the years.

We've taken a good hard look at Blodwen's recipe and made some small improvements, staying true to her origins with a view to always improving.

Whilst Blodwen is tasting similar to before, she's got a brand new look that is more representative of the legendary women of Wales.

If you liked Blodwen before, we're confident you'll LOVE her now!


Tell me more about Blodwen!

Join Blodwen as she raises a toast to the sea's bounty and the hard working women of Wales.

Blodwen is a premium blonde beer. Brewed with pale malts and a bounty of hops, it sure is an easy drinking classic. Enjoy flavours of citrus, pine, and tropical fruits.

We expertly brew Blodwen to 5% ABV and bottle it into our iconic embossed Tomos Watkin 500ml bottles. 


Where can I buy this Welsh lager?

You're in safe hands here, just pop on over to the 'Shop' section of our website and grab yourself a 12-Pack of Blodwen.

If you're a trade account looking to stock a well known classic with impressive ROS, get in touch via

Iechyd da!